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Sinnoh's gyms are my favorite.

1. Although many people criticize Roark for being redundant, I saw it as necessary. Gamefreak wanted to introduce Sinnoh's Underground early in the game (it was essentially the new multiplayer secret bases), and having a gymleader introduce it was nice. After triumphing over rocks, you get the ability to use HM Rock Smash.

2. Gardenia is one of my favorite gymleaders. Despite grass being one of the class types, we didn't have any other grass gymleaders in other regions (despite Hoenn having both fire and water.) Being next to the Eterna Forest was appropriate. After triumphing over plants, you get the HM Cut to remove plants out of your way.

3. Fantina, a gymleader whointroduced us to the local contests.

4. Wake, who introduced us to the new safari zone (the great marsh, al beit not very water-y)

5. Byron. I thought it was really neat how he was related to another gymleader, and they both made use of the fossil type pokemon as their representative pokemon. Strength-rocks are more durable than rocksmash-rocks, so it made sense that you got HM Strength for beating him.

Aaaand overall, I just liked all of the remaining gymleaders, too. :D
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