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    PART 2

    So I'm now here with part 2. Hope you enjoy it.

    After defeating the Team Steam Grunt, I kind of teleported into Professor Juniper's lab. She told me to fetch her Professor Oak from a nearby lake. And she gave the the Pokeballs. Thank God. I got out of her lab and started exploring the town a bit. Here are the graphics of the game.

    I ended up getting a Max Potion and a Thunder Stone. I also realized that Blitzy was holding a Moo Moo Milk. As I was checking all the areas, I found a little surprise.

    It had these stats with a Careful nature.

    Sadly, I couldnt nickname it.

    With this, I was done with this town so I headed of to the first patch of grass and.....

    And it was a.........

    Seriously game? That's the best you could come up with. So, I KILLED IT! Muawahahahaha.

    I saw that I was gonna have my first battle with a Bug Catcher so I trained Blitzy up to Level 7(barely) so it would learn Ember. However I started of with Elekid and the Bug Catcher used two Lvl 4 Caterpies on me which I easily KOed but Elekid still didnt grow a level. He sent out 2 Venipedes next which were OHKOed by Blitzy's powerful Ember. Venipede gave off so much EXP points that Blitzy grew to Level 11. So I beat the first trainer without much of a problem. I picked up a potion and used it on Blitzy who had low health after that mini grinding session.

    The next trainer was a Youngster(I think) who started off with Poochyena. I KOed it with Elekind who was in yellow health now. And Elekid grew to Lvl 7. Next up were Pidgey, Elecktrike, Blitzle and Spearow. I beat them all with Blitzy's Ember with switch training Elekid for a couple of em. Blitzy was now Lvl 12, with Elekid being Lvl 7(barely).

    And, I had to use my Moo Moo Milk on Elekid who had red health.

    The next battle was another Bug Catcher who started of with a Kricketot which I KOed with Elekid. Next was a Caterpie which I also killed with Elekid. He then sent out a Venipede which I Embered to death. Blitzy grew to Lvl 13 and learned Smokescreen. He then sent out two Metapod that I KOed with Elekid who grew to Lvl 8.

    So that was it for this route. I had reached Central City which was north of me. After healing, I talked to all the people on the route and a guy gave me TM 24 - Thief.

    I went and explored the city. Btw, a screenshot of the city.

    And the items that I got.

    Some pretty good items. I explored the city even more and got another surprise.

    I couldnt nickname it either. I'm just gonna have to find a Name Rater.

    So that's it for today guys, I'll try to post Part 3 soon but it might not be posted until the weekend because I'm busy, but I'll try my best.

    And to finish off, my Pokemon's stats.

    And my final team at the end of Part 2.


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