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    Wow, it was such a tough playthrough with Shuckle. The last move he learned when leveling up was rest, and that was at level 37. So mainly I had to rely on TM's to get me through the game. After beating Giovonni, I made Chuckles learn Earthquake, replacing Dig. Once I got through Victory Road, I replaced Secret Power with Double Edge.

    The battles were somewhat easy. Before I started, I pumped up my Rock Slide with 2 PP Ups, using the for Loreli. I kept using the combination of Toxic/Rock Slide until I defeated her.

    Since Bruno was next, I didn't bother using Rock Slide. I restored all my PP for Toxic, and then used Toxic/Earthquake for the two Onix's, and Double Edge for the Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee/Machamp. Very easy.

    Agatha was probably the toughest one out of them all. Since Toxic was not gonna work on any of her Pokémon, I had to buff myself with items first (X Attack, X Accuracy, Dire Hit). Was able to take Gengar, Haunter, and Golbat with Rockslide easy. And demolished the Arbok with Earthquake. That last Gengar though.... Never missed a Hypnosis and the Haunter before laid Curse on me, so I literally wasted around 20-30 Full Restores, just so he won't Nightmare me and kill me. I made it through though >.>

    Lance was easy. Starting from Agatha on, I started beefing up Chuckles with the battle items, to hopefully crit more. Pretty sure I used a Ether on Rockslide to take care of all his dragons. Probably the easiest fight of them all.

    Rival...... I had a moderately easy time, but did have trouble. I would use Guard Spec. to negate his Pigeot's Featherdance and his Gyarados/Arcanine's Intimidation. I used all the items that I had left for this battle, while letting Toxic kill them slowly. His Venasaur was the major issue. I literally had NOTHING to kill it with, and since Toxic didn't work, I had to whittle him down. While using Growth, I'd Double Edge him. But as soon as he used Sunny Day, I had to start using Rock Slide, hoping I'd flinch him. His Solarbeam, oh my, hit so hard, that I was just healing for the majority of the time, only attacking when the sun went down. I finally got a lucky crit, and game over! :D


    Was quite an experience. Shuckle really can be tanky as hell (given that he has the highest base defense and special defense in the game) but you're gonna be sitting there forever hitting things. Maybe boost up his attack through EV training. I had to give mine hp, since she seemed low of it :3 But yea, it was quite fun.
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