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    Tweet Jonias

    Delete this message thereafter. Pay attention, you may have received a box, wherever you live - or be about to. This box contains a device. Take it with you. Use it for ranged communication. It is essential we maintain radio contact at all times during the mission. You know what you have to do. For a better future." It was all the e-mail said. True to his word, the Count did send the device. Tweet is rather impressed by his bravado; sending the box to where Tweet was working. Smack dab in the middle of the enemy lines. Tweet examined the package when she was alone and found that it as just the standard radio communication device. Well, standard for her. She's not quite sure what standard means to common people. It was heavily encrypted (heavily if we're looking at some random cryptographer in her department, but to her? Piece of cake.), and not too heavy. She can strap in somewhere in her body or conceal it under some shirt. It would be an easy hide.

    The mission is starting right now, as far as the Porygon-Z knows. Her place in the mission would come severely later, when Felix had already opened the doors to the vault. His mission would be really crucial as Tweet would nor dare risk hacking into electronic doors. Skillful as she was, electric doors were more heavily guarded. She have only tried once, and that was to her office when she forgot her keys back at home.

    Anyway, Tweet excused herself from work and went outside, under the guise of needing some fresh air. (What do you mean I don't breath? I breath, for Arceus' sake. Just not oxygen.) She proceeded to an alleyway that directly connects the factory to the bank. She floated, humming happily. She's still not nervous; that would come later if the Enforcer-Traitor failed to manually open the door. Nervousness and panic would then set in. But otherwise, she's fine.


    The bank was a huge establishment, but Tweet was not intimidated. After all, she's come here only for the database, and that is the only place she plans on going. Touring the area would come after if her plan failed. If worst comes to worst, she had downloaded the map of the inside to her brain so she'll know her way around. She entered one of the many air vents lining the side of the building. It was hot. Dang it Tweet. What were you expecting? Air conditioning units? She pulled out the map from her database and located herself.

    "Okay. I'm pretty far away, but hey. This is an air vent, who's going to check in here?" she asked herself. She navigated throughout the many twist and turns of the air ventilation system and reached the spot nearest to the database room. She peeked through the hole and saw a Hitmonlee guard, armored to the bone. Complete with a bullet-proof vest.

    That reminds me. Tweet checked her database, and downloaded her sniper rifle. It was a Barret M98B, shock-modded of course. Tweet smiled as she confirmed it. She did not know how it works but she managed to reduce all her weapons to downloadable data. She has yet to try if it was possible for everybody.

    She thinks she has no need for the gun. At this close of a distance, her attacks would be more practical to use. Now, let the Blaziken do his job. Tweet crouched, keeping an eye on the Hitmonlee and the door. Waiting. Waiting.

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