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Hiro the Lucario

Aura Sphere | Dark Pulse | Psychic | Extreme Speed

Hiro's Inventory
1. Oran Berry x2
2. Blast Seed x1

After Hiro pointed out the rhyperior's own problem, that problem being Hiro was trying not to laugh at his inability to lay a hand on him whist he easily landed more shots on the rhyperior, the orange breloom spoke to the rhyfamily.
"This here is a Seed Bomb. I just used one to stop your dumb little brother from running into his death. I’d imagine this thing here would hurt a lot if it were to hit either of you, given your typing and all. So before I decide to make that happen, I think it’d be wise if you two just gave up, apologize to the Lucario, and get out of here, just so we can all be done with this mess. So what do you say big bro?"

The pair of hulking pokemon, who were both on their feet once more, looked as though they might try to argue further before the ryhperior sighed loudly, grabbed his bag and left the building muttering things under his breath - his younger brother following. Hiro turned to his new found "brother in arms" an almost confused expression on his face.
"Well now, that was interesting. Thanks for the help." Hiro paused for a moment thinking on what to do next, he could continue looking for Tobias or perhaps he should spend some time with the breloom "My name's Hiro, and yours? After that I was thinking of heading to Ozzy's Friendzone, perhaps you'd like to join me?"

(OOC: Short post is short, best I could think of right now I'm sorry).