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Originally Posted by SinfulGuroRose View Post
Would it be okay if I joined?
What languages do you speak, and how well do you speak them?
English is my native, and I must admit that it is the only one I know 100% fluently. *shame shame* I have been taking high school Spanish for 2 years, and I have self taught German and Japanese in the past. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at the grammar of German and the alphabet of Japanese, so I don't actually know them. I can speak Spanish adequately, but I need to work on my vocabulary.

Also, what are some online tools that you use to help learn?
I, uh, primarily use Quizlet. Yeah, it's not that great, but I haven't had time to search for others. U wU;
Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
About time I join this wonderful club!

What languages do you speak, and how well do you speak them?
I am fluent in English and Russian (having been born in Russia and lived there up until I was 7). Can read, write, and speak English fluently. I speak Russian fluently as well but my writing level is very poor and I'm pretty slow with reading it. :( I'd like to learn German and Japanese in the future, if possible, though those are more or less wishful thinking goals. Not sure how much inspiration I have to keep up with studies long-term.. especially since immersion isn't an option. I don't do well with learning through reading.
Wee band camp! Sorry about the late replies :( (we let out at 7:30 today so :p)

German and Japanese seem to be a common language everybody wants to learn. Why is that? It just seems weird to me, since I was teased annoyed around about wanting to take them (you know, Axis powers, Nazis, that load of bs).

And a thing topic ahh

Should we add the languages you guys know to the Member's List? Could help out the people who want to locate a person to help with their language.
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5