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Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
I'm just guessing here, but i think I heard him say last that it was going to be b/w style - although it could go either way o-o
as for me I've seen games that use b/w and look really cool and others that look like total ****, same with hg/ss style it all depends on how they made it, and the style they chose really, but a lot of his work shows he is good with their movements and such, so either graphic style chosen should be pretty well done - there are a whole slue of releases of games all of a sudden, I look forward to seeing this one in the line up as well
As indicated by the last couple of screenshots I've submitted to the first post it is indeed confirmed that the sprite style is HGSS and not BW because BW sprites are too big (not to mention the heads are massive). Still no idea of the date but I'll keep everyone posted.
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