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Originally Posted by Silais View Post
Hey guys, wondering if you could help me with a problem I'm having.

I'm going to be a sophomore in college next Monday, and I'm feeling pretty down. I'm excited to see my new dorm (I have no roommate this year, which is AWESOME) and I can't wait to start class and my new job, but I'm scared of meeting my fellow Coyotes this year. I guess the reasons are superficial, but they're a big problem for me.

I live in a small town filled with extremely attractive people, but I'm not one of them. I'm 200lbs (I'm working on it) and I'm definitely one of the least-pretty girls on campus. I hate seeing how I compare to other girls because it makes me realize just how physically ugly I am. It's embarrassing. Yes, I do have a couple friends, and a boyfriend of one year, but still—I'm embarrassed to go out in public, and classes are going to be hell for me. I don't understand why I was made so ugly while others were made beautiful and perfect, but I guess there's nothing I can do about that.

My question is, what should I do to be less worried about starting college again? I'm never comfortable being in public (haven't since I moved to Arizona 12 years ago, the worst decision my parents ever made) and it's going to be so hard for me to get out and enjoy college with the body and face I was cursed with. Any suggestions?

You need to stop telling yourself that your ugly for starters. Stop thinking about what other people are thinking about you, their opinions don't mean a damn thing. Worrying about other's opinions is just going to destroy your self esteem and confidence. You'll need that confidence to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and get comfortable with your body. The mind can be one hell of a thing, you'd be suprised in how much it can hold you back in life.

For instance, I'm a terrible runner. Always have been. I'm a skinny guy, but I always thought that pain you feel in your side when you run is the worst pain in the world. When I went through basic combat training for the army my very first run time was 25 minutes for a 2 mile run, I needed to run in 16 minutes to pass. Well 7 weeks go by of training, at this point I was able to knock off pushups and situps like crazy, but I was running my 2 miles in 18 minutes, still not passing and the next day was our PT test. Well next day comes by, during the PT test I kept telling myself that I can't fail this test, if I do then it will be another 2-3 months before I see my family. Ended up scoring a 15:45 on that test, passed.

So what's the point of my boring story? Well that day I realized that it was all in my head. I was physically capable of running, but I kept telling myself that I couldn't. It's the same with your situation. If you keep telling yourself that your ugly, then you'll believe it. But, if you tell yourself that your pretty, and truly believe it. Then I guarentee you'll see something else in that mirror. Now, I'm not saying that believing in yourself is going to make you pretty, but it is a start.
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