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Johto halfway through just gotta do kanto now

Rocket Executive was a pain cuz of damn houndoom but thankfully i was able to take most of its health with strength from pinsir and quick attack from scizor finished the job
Clair was a little tough but nothing i couldnt handle her dragonairs went down after enough sleeping and chipping away then her kingdra was cake with fluttershy
Went east of new bark, didnt realise Slave Krabby couldnt learn waterfall
went back to olivine, caught Mantine Slave, taught all 3 water HMs
got to route after tohjo and got TM solarbeam gave to fluttershy right away
the trainers were quite tough i felt i was underlevelled slightly but i pressed onwards
got through victory road and beat Silver one last time
grinded like crazy to 40s (lowest 42 ariados and highest 45 scizor)

VS Will
Trixie took down xatu #1 with low health then brought in scizor on Xatu #2 set up 2 swords dances and went to town (6-0)
VS Koga
Ariados was a bit of a ninja with double team and passed em onto his venomoth thankfully the hax was with me today and 2x psybeams later my venomoth reigned supreme then scizor did a repeat performance (6-0)

VS Bruno
Sent in fluttershy excpecting an onix instead met a hitmontop but a couple of psybeams later killed it stayed in against the onix put it to sleep and OHKO with solarbeam switched out to Trixie and sleep powder + psybeam later his team is down (6-0)

VS Karen
Oh god this was tough
her umbreon was fine +2 Submission from pinsir OHKOd but then came the big problem
The thing swept my entire team down to ledian just as i was ready to reset i decided to say screw it and launch a thunderpunch
Ledian lived flamethrower with 17 HP
Thunderpunch paralysed the houndoom
with that small glimmer of hope i revived pinsir and he got parahaxed (not that it mattered) and a headbutt followed by pursuit killed me (1-4)
Pinsir killed the houndoom and healed up before reviving venomoth and killing vileplume venomoth came in against gengar and psybeamed to death before pinsir picked up the win with a couple of strengths on Murkrow

VS lance
Gyarados was a sleep + chip away match with Fluttershy
Dragonite #1 was fine with scizor and a couple of boosts (trying the same Set up sweep tactic)
didnt work cuz i forgot charizard but fired off a quick attack and took a chunk off it before dieing
scared of that thing so i threw in ledian to take a flamethrower except he stupidly used hyper beam allowing ledian to kill with headbutt
sent in venomoth VS aerodactyl sleep powder + psybeams later killed it (i also healed ledian to full health)
Venomoth took a chunk off dragonite #2 before dieing and ledian came in and finished with ice punch
last was Dragonite #3 (the level 50 one) ledian took a fire blast and hit for about 60% with ice punch then ninjadodged a second one and killed it (who said ledian sucks?)

Team After E4 heading to kanto


Fluttershy (butterfree) LV 44
Sleep Powder

Dickpinch (Pinsir) LV 43
Swords Dance

Trixie (Venomoth) LV 44
Leech Life
Sleep Powder

Tyson (Ledian) LV 46
Ice Punch

Peter (Ariados) LV 43
Poison Sting
Leech Life
Night Shade
Fury Swipes

Sasuke (Scizor) LV 47
Metal Claw
Swords Dance
Quick Attack

Tekan either volbeat or shedinja
shedinja can be a force to be reckoned with if you play it right but it's still the definition of glass cannon
while volbeat has horrible horrible stats and its movepool isnt that great either