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Lovely to see a club grow so quickly, just sad to see such an abrupt halt in replies :( Let's keep 'em coming, aight guys ;D

Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
I didn't quite expect all the Jolteon and Glaceon... and I'm the lone Flareon still. :P Tons of Sylveon fans, I see!
Flareon is adorable, but unfortunately it's probably one of the least liked of the Eeveelutions because of how horrible it is in competitive battling, which has kinda given people the misconception that it's just a horrible Pokemon in general :( But yah, Flareon definitely needs some love :)

Are you using an Eeveelution in Pokémon X&Y?

If I get X/Y, it's very likely that I'm gonna get one, mainly because I didn't really begin to take a liking to Eevee and its evolutions until shortly before the release of B2/W2, and unfortunately I didn't play my B2 that much past the league, partly because I got kinda bored with the post-game, since part of the joy in that was with battling and trading with friends, which I unfortunately can't do much of anymore, but also because I found the post-game kiiinda boring, but I think that may be because I'm one who's mostly for progression in the story, hence why I enjoyed the post-game of games like G/S/C and FR/LG, because they both had a story that spanned past the E4, rather than just leaving it all to legendary hunting (which is one of the things I still like about it though, however there are just so many of them now, and they're just placed around, seeming without much creativity in hiding them apart from a few special cases). Well, that went kinda off-topic, but basically what that was supposed to lead up to, was that I never really got to use my DW-ability Espeon that much, because I already had a well-established team by the point that I could get it, one that I'd grown to really like, as well as the game grew kinda boring shortly after I got it :( I'm hoping it'll turn out differently with X/Y in case I get it. But with Sylveon introduced, I'm sure we're gonna get an Eevee at some point before the E4 :D

Have you used other Eeveelutions in other versions before?

Well, I would say yes because of the Espeon I had in my Black 2, but as I mentioned, I hardly ever got to use it, and the only other game I've ever used any Eeveelutions in was Firered. I have however used several Eeveelutions in that game though, including Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon, which all were really fun to use, even if they were relatively short-lived experiences when you compare them to a lot of other Pokemon I've used, but again, most of them were at a point where I started playing Pokemon much less, and unfortunately often abandoned playthroughs :(

I really wanted to get Colosseum at one point though, so if that had happened, I guess I would have yet another Espeon and an Umbreon to add to the list. Unfortunately the games started disappearing from the shelves once I found out about them, and li'l 5 year old me would have to wait for Christmas, and by then it was too late (yeah, probably not 5 year old me, but that's just the one I'm gonna be referring to whenever I look back at things, k ;D). But yeah, if I get X/Y, I'm definitely getting myself another Eeveelution, and will have one more to add to the list :D
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