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I've always been a Sinnoh fanboy and the starters were no exception to this. Piplup is adorable and becomes a badass Penguin overlord; Chimchar is also adorable and become one of my all-time favourite competitive Pokémon; and Turtwig is a turtle - need I say more? I've used every starter to date and I've liked the majority of them, but most generations have had one that I've hated. I loved Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle but their evolutions were mostly let-downs (Venusaur gets away with this), I adore the whole Cyndaquil family and the Chikorita family is cool but I hate the Totodile line, I loved the Treecko line but wasn't a fan of the other two Hoenn starters, and I loved the Tepig line but that's it for Unova. Sinnoh's the only region so far in which I've loved all the starters so unless Kalos changes that, I'm sticking with Sinnoh.
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