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Originally Posted by Latios Master View Post
This week's random hunt is... Psyduck!
So stoked for this one. Psyduck is a personal favorite of mine, just because of the old anime. I loved Misty's Psyduck to death as a kid, he was just such an idiot. The turquoise color is sick too. I have a thing for blue shinies, dunno why.

Also digging the new userbars. Great job!

Originally Posted by Runasutaru View Post
A Shiny Litwick!
Never seen a shiny Litwick in my life, it looks pretty sweet. Not a fan of Chandelure's shiny coloration though, but that's just me.

I encountered a shiny Venonat this morning. Unfortunately, I had low battery, and my power failed before I could catch it.

The grind to masuda breed Sandshrews begins today, as I just realized Sandslash is a downright badass looking shiny.

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