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    . . . What would they call it? Blood Ruby and Tear Sapphire? I mean that lovingly, but I also kind of missed out because I lost the game when I first got it T-T

    I suppose they could do it, though it would be slightly unnecessary. The 3rd gen is already pretty slick as it is, and doesn't really require that much of a huge reboot as, say, gen 2's original games. Sure, the 3D prospect is pretty alluring, but. . . It already seems modern enough. Will they do it? I suppose there's nothing stopping them, and I'm pretty sure a huge uprising will go against Game Freak if they don't do so. But will that create a chain? Will that suck Gen 4's remake into Gen 7's creation? Gen 5 into 8's? How far do you suspect we can go before we get all pooped out of graphical ideas and have absolutely no point in resurrecting past titles?