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Originally Posted by Gyardosamped View Post
I don't own this game nor watch the series on TV, but wow... this guide was pretty sweet and definitely made me want to check out the game. I know you're hardly done with it, but it's definitely really straight to the point and everything flows together smoothly. I checked out a walkthrough of the game on YT and it looks really fun and relaxing. I might actually buy it! Thanks for this, and keep it up! :D
You're welcome! I'm glad I inspired you to buy the game. Trust me, it's worth the money. Outside of some minor graphical defects, it's a lot of fun and extremely easy to play! If you do buy it, you'll definitely enjoy it. The entire Grasslands walkthrough is going to take a bit of time, so it might not be up until early September or so depending on how much schoolwork I'll have to do. I can guarantee that it'll flow the same way as the prologue did, although it'll much harder considering I might need to get a lot of action shots. Of course, those will be the best part ;D The Tree Dungeon should follow it shortly since it's significantly smaller, and then another wait for the Candy Kingdom and so on-so forth for each section. But for now, the Grasslands will come in time.
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