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Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
Well I'm gonna post my opinion of abortion, how I feel about it and how it could affect my life.

First of all I dislike the idea of aborting a life, even if it's considered "for the better." Put aside religious beliefs and that of it like that baby inside of a woman COULD be a child, it has the chance to be alive and have a future, regardless of whether or not you wish to be a parent of that child or whether or not it is biologically yours in the first place. You're playing God by choosing whether it lives or dies.
Do we have the right to make that decision ?
I don't feel I have the right to make that decision.
If I may paraphrase, you feel that a fetus could become a child and therefore we shouldn't take away that chance prematurely. Is that about right?

That kind of idea makes me want to propose a counter idea: a fetus could grow up to suffer horribly. Who are we to risk that? I guess that's not really a new idea. It's the one that says that the circumstances of the mother affect (to varying degrees based on your view) what kind of life the child will have.
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