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    Originally Posted by Thergox View Post
    . . . What would they call it? Blood Ruby and Tear Sapphire? I mean that lovingly, but I also kind of missed out because I lost the game when I first got it T-T

    I suppose they could do it, though it would be slightly unnecessary. The 3rd gen is already pretty slick as it is, and doesn't really require that much of a huge reboot as, say, gen 2's original games. Sure, the 3D prospect is pretty alluring, but. . . It already seems modern enough. Will they do it? I suppose there's nothing stopping them, and I'm pretty sure a huge uprising will go against Game Freak if they don't do so. But will that create a chain? Will that suck Gen 4's remake into Gen 7's creation? Gen 5 into 8's? How far do you suspect we can go before we get all pooped out of graphical ideas and have absolutely no point in resurrecting past titles?
    I'm betting that all of the games that will have had remakes released by the time that every single generation of the Pokémon franchise ends up on the Nintendo eShop will eventually just be updated every generation.
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