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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Ozzy mad. Ozzy smash.

    I don't like Cute Charm for Sylveon at all haha - it's a waste of a perfectly good Pokémon to give it such a blasé ability like that. Sure it could be useful once in a blue moon, but I was really hoping for something a bit more threatening to lead the Fairy-type revolution. Shiny Sylveon is a great reveal though; the blue is so pretty on him and the eyes look utterly fabulous against the new colour scheme.
    Was that a pun referencing both Sylveon's shiny colouration and its ability to use Moon Blast?

    I love both its shiny and dislike the idea of it having cute charm, too. To speculate on what it's ability might be based on previous patterns...

    • The Kanto eeveelutions all have abilities which give them immunities to their respective types. In the dream world, all their abilities are related to status conditions.
    • The Johto eeveelutions have Synchronize. Their hidden abilities have no pattern.
    • The Sinnoh eeveelutions have weather-related abilities for both their abilities.
    So it's worth mentioning that the kanto eeveelutions do not have Static/Flame Body, which are abilities that activate 30% on contact like Cute Charm. I believe that they'll have a lot more new fairy-related abilities, perhaps one which Sylveon will be granted immunity.

    Originally Posted by XSky RiderX View Post
    It's cool that Sylveon is another bulky eeveelution. I tried to calc its HP stat based off one of the YouTube videos with it having 106 HP @level 30. The output came to be base 95 (with 31 IVs in HP) to base 110 (with 0 IVs in HP). This is just for those who are into calc'ing stats before they are revealed. :]
    I'm really happy that Sylveon is going to be bulky. :D My greatest question is whether it'll be a physical of special attacker. We already have more special-attacking eeveelutions, despite the fact that fairy seems to be more fitting for special moves (like Moon Blast and Fairy Wind.) But that video you're talking about showed it using Drain Kiss, which dealt a lot to Politoed.
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