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    Well, um, hey there! This looks interesting, and I'd love to help out!

    Skill(s): Spriter, possibly Storyline. (I'm actually thinking of majoring in Creative Writing, if that is relevant for whatever reason. I can also proofread and edit in-game text so we can catch any mistakes.)

    Proof of Work: Well, I have an art shop on another site where some of my work already is. Other than that I can post pictures in this post of any other side-work that I've done. (I won't link the thread here as I can't remember the rules to linking other sites. Better to be safe than not.)

    Past Experience: I haven't actually worked on a Pokemon Hack before, but I can send you the speech I'm working on for Speech this year to show any plotline ideas; I also have an RP somewhere that can cover that as well. I've been writing and spriting for quite a long time, and I hope my sprites and stories can portray that to you.

    Contact Information: If you want me to PM you with any(more) of the information above, I can give you my Skype as well. Best way to keep in touch with me.

    Time Zone: CST (Midwestern United States, Chicago). -6 GMT.

    And I think that's everything! Hope to help in the future~