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I'm really happy about the super training. I always hated how EVs were invisible in the past. And now my friends who had no idea what EV training was will know what I was talking about all along.

Erasing EVs took unreasonable effort, in that you had to grow berries as the only way. I hope there'll be a quicker method of erasing EVs. Furthermore, whereas some EV tranining like speed was always easy (lol magikarps and basculins), others like defense were tricky (in BW, the best way to EV train defense is in the Pinwheel Forest, in which only 60% of opponent's give defense, so you have to keep randomly running.) I'm glad that it'll be more explicit now, where you'll probably just go in an arena that gives you a 100% chance of fighting a certain type of stat. Even better, is that they might let you beat things like Entei (3 special attack EVs) instead of just the wild things that only give 1 EV.

However, there are 2 things about EV training which currently annoys me, which I doubt they'll fix with super training:

1) 255/255 versus 252/252/6. It annoys me that the last 3 EVs currently do not round up, meaning that perfectionist would have to put the last 4 or 6 EVs into another stat. Based on the screenshot, it seems that super training will merely show you a meter of how filled a stat is, as opposed to a precise number. Furthermore, the fact that we may possibly end up facing off against opponents who vary in the amount of EVs they give means it would be hard to stop precisely at 252 as opposed to 255.

It's worth mentioning that currently, the coding for the battle tower/subway shows the CPU pokemon having 255/255 as opposed to 252/252/6. Considering Gamefreak doesn't currently give a crap about the last 6 EVs, this is why I predict they still won't give a crap.

2) Pokérus. It's not fair that something which literally halves your time EV/super training can only be found in the wild through luck. I want there to be events that give away Pokerus. I want it to be purchasable through Battle Points or pokedollars. I don't mind that shinies appear due to luck, because shinies have no effect on battle. However, pokerus does, and you shouldn't need to "have a friend" or whatever.

I'm not biased when making this argument... my first pokemon game was Pokemon Diamond, and I got Pokerus after the 4th gym, purely by luck. And I was HAPPY to have gotten it even moreso than a shiny, because I knew how effective pokerus was.
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