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@Slayr231, Nolafus Simolson

  • You appear to trust others easily. Has trusting anybody gotten you into trouble sometime?
  • Since you're a firefighter, do you think you deserve a better life for your hard work and services to your community? A bigger wage, perhaps?
  • What's your relationship with humans and other Srain?
  • Are you proud to be a Srain, or would you rather belong to another race?
  • Do you love your sons, and do you think you are giving them enough by working as a firefighter?
  • Are you an optimist, a realist or a pessimist?
  • What do you fear most?
  • What are your religious views?
  • What are your political views?
  • Do you have friends?
  • Do you desire revenge for your wife's death? And if yes, would you be willing to kill somebody?
  • What is the worst sin you have committed, and do you think often about it?

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