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You appear to trust others easily. Has trusting anybody gotten you into trouble sometime?
It's not so much a trust that I'll do whatever they say, but rather a trust in that they'll do the right thing and not lie to me. I haven't been in a big conflict due to this and I hope it stays that way.

Since you're a firefighter, do you think you deserve a better life for your hard work and services to your community? A bigger wage, perhaps?
Who wouldn't like a bigger wage? I work as a firefighter because of a mix of I couldn't find another job and that I want to do the right thing and help as many people as possible.

What's your relationship with humans and other Srain?
To me, race doesn't matter. It's all about what your character is and what your morals are. Cheesy, yes, but it's what I believe.

Are you proud to be a Srain, or would you rather belong to another race?
This is a funny question. There's such a rift between the two that one side will almost never wish to be the other. Maybe Srains might wish that they're human, but I can't think of a single human that would want to be a Srain.

Do you love your sons, and do you think you are giving them enough by working as a firefighter?
My sons are the most precious things in the world to me. I would do anything for them. I don't think I'm giving them all that they deserve, but I'm doing the best I can with what I'm presented and that's what matters. My only regret is that I'm away all day and don't really get to spend time with them.

Are you an optimist, a realist or a pessimist?
I would like to think a realist.

What do you fear most?
I want to be there when my kids grow up. My biggest fear is that I won't make it back from a fire or that my kids will fall into a bad crowd and, well, I think you know.

What are your religious views?
Don't really have any. No one has ever pressured me about anything so I leave the topic alone.

What are your political views?
I vote, but I don't really belong to any party. I do some research when the elections come around at the library and vote for whoever I think is genuine and cares about the working force. I don't like government freebies however. A man should be able to take care of his own family.

Do you have friends?
My best friend is a human named Joe. He's one of the few that doesn't care that you're a Srain. I also have a friend named Kolski. He's my neighbor and a fellow Srain. Both of them are firefighters with me.

Do you desire revenge for your wife's death? And if yes, would you be willing to kill somebody?
I did at first, but I managed to keep my anger under control. It took every ounce of self control I had, but eventually I calmed down. I'm a long way from forgiving the officer, but I had to do the right thing, for my boys.

What is the worst sin you have committed, and do you think often about it?
Since this keeps getting brought up, I guess I can give an answer, but I won't like it... I've shot another Srain when I was young and foolish. There isn't a day that goes by where I wish I hadn't done it. I still have nightmares about that day from time to time. They're extremely vivid. I'm forced to relive the worst day in my life over and over again, like some sort of curse.
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