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    Originally Posted by twocows View Post
    Based on the story linked, it looked to me like they determined she was lying about it. Lying about rape is a very real problem that just serves to trivialize actual rape cases. If that was the case here, her punishment is just.
    Okay, she was blacked out when he started to rape her. You can't give consent if you're not conscious. It's also a common tactic to say that rape victims are only lying about it. Lying about rape is not a problem. People assuming that people lie about rape is a massive problem. Only 2% of rape reports are false.* That's why the majority of rapes go unreported.** Rape is the most common unreported crime in the world. It's also the case in the US. There are judges in the United States that have sent rape victims to prison and let the attacker go. Not to mention that whenever a rape case goes public, the perpetrators are also presented by the media as being victims who are losing their futures. Poor them. Meanwhile, the rape victim is harassed for being a monster and a **** in her everyday life because of it. Look at the post above for a case in point of this outrageous attitude.

    * Source:
    ** Source:

    So, yeah, Paladin, we're not just making things up. We're not lying about it.
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