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    So I do a lot of breeding, and thought it would be worth while to get myself a nursery in my Join Ave to help things along.

    It has been extremely helpful, as I can basically go from being handed an egg to it hatching in about 3 minutes (even with 41 egg cycles). This also means I can reset for egg IVs/natures right? Because the IVs and natures are generated when you are handed the egg?

    Nay nay. I saved right before getting the egg from the day-care, then flew to Join Ave and hatched it at the nursery. Checked the IVs and they weren't what I wanted, so I soft reset. Repeated the process and...

    got the same exact nature and IVs. Not gender though...

    So I decided to try again and hatch the egg normally. It ALSO had the same nature and stats.

    So what's going on? I thought everything about an egg was determined when you receive it from the daycare, not when it was first generated in the day-care. Did this change for gen 5 or something? Or did I encounter a glitch somewhere along the way?
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