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    Crystal is done will start on emerald at some point (once i figure my team other than 2x moth thingies and masquerain)

    So Kanto Gyms

    Lt. Surge was a cakewalk with scizor and pinsir being so damn powerful
    Next was sabrina who also went down fairly easy cuz of scizor sweeping
    Misty was mostly a butterfree job though scizor did round off the starmie nicely
    Erika went down easily to butterfree (psychic from Saffron)
    Brock was easy as hell for venomoth (which had giga drain at that point from erika)
    did the power plant shiz went and got the pokedoll went back to johto got a bike finally and went down both routes to fuschia for training
    Janine was easy (butterfree + psychic = GG)
    Blaine was as excpected tough as hell his magcargo being the slow ass it is was killed by sleep powder + psychic the magmar followed suit
    then his rapidash which was as excpected hella fast but pinsir being the pro it is outsped, took half with strength, lived a fire blast and killed with a second strength
    Blue was a real pain (dat Arcanine) but i eventually won (i am not ashamed to admit i had to spam hyper potions on ledian which was tanking flamethrowers all day till he ran out of PP) but eventually he ran out i revived scizor brought it in set up SD and swept the rest

    Then The big man himself. i grinded to 55 but i think i shouldve done more as i wouldve likely lost if not for the luckiest luck in the history of luck

    Pikachu was set up bait for scizor (thunder? really? 70 acc? fine then miss like all your hits see if i care) and it died to +6 quick attack
    then came venusaur which set up sunny day and died to +6 steel wing
    then charizard. oh god charizard. nothing, repeat, nothing could live flamethrower so he ultimately swept my team
    attempt 2 the same thing happened to this point then scizor got a +6 quick attack CRITICAL HIT bringing it down to a smidgeon of health before dieiing, i brought in ariados as death fodder and revived scizor who finished it off with quick attack then came snorlax i sent in pinsir set up a SD and used submission but it didnt kill that bulky ass thing which killed me with body slam i set up with scizor and finished it off. he brought in blastoise which killed scizor and i brought in butterfree to try the old sleep + solarbeam strategy... nope ****ing blizzard son. so then i brought in venomoth and the sleep + chip away strategy DID work this time (he used rain dance as i put him to sleep it wore off by the time he woke up so he used it again allowing me to sleep him again)
    last came the espeon which took down venomoth. i brought in ledian and revived scizor then brought it in and set up some swords dances and finished it off with one final steel wing.


    Sasuke (Scizor) LV 55
    Steel Wing
    Swords Dance
    Quick Attack

    Fluttershy (Butterfree) LV 55
    Sleep Powder

    Trixie (Venomoth) LV 55
    Giga Drain
    Sleep Powder

    Dickpinch (Pinsir) LV 55
    Swords Dance

    Tyson (Ledian) LV 55
    Ice Punch

    Peter (Ariados) LV 55
    Night Shade
    Fury Swipes
    Leech Life

    MVP Johto: Ledian tanked karen to death and took down 2/3 dragonites and a gyarados from lance (WHO SAID LEDIAN SUCKS!?)
    MVP Kanto: Scizor, Swords Dance + Strength and Steel Wing + Fantastic Typing = GG most major trainers

    LVP (both): Ariados, learned no good moves ever had average stats and most of the time was sent out just for death fodder hell grinding it was annoying.