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    What is your current state of mind?

    Doing good. Traveling down out of Mistralton right now with Katherine in tow. Just won my first official Pokemon battle as a new trainer against her. We'll branch apart at Nimbasa, and I'm going to continue down to Striaton City for my first badge.

    You know Team Plasma is up to no good. Will you actively stand up to them?

    Till my dying breath. They say they mean to liberate Pokemon, but if you had seen the way their Herdiers hunted Bolt *he's my Pichu*'s mother. You'd feel the same way. That, and they FEED Patrats to them. It's sickening.

    If you even so much as mutter the words Team Plasma, I'll demand to know where they are, who to look for, and be halfway there before you can finish your sentence.

    Is being a trainer the career you would readily choose?

    Technically, my career of choice would be a Gym Leader or an Elite Four member. So in a way, yes. Being a Pokemon Trainer is the career I readily would choose. My mother started an adventure when she was my age, but never finished because she had met my Father.

    I decided that I would become the Champion of the Unova region, and finish what she started, while finding my own happiness in life.

    What is your idea of perfect happiness?

    Funny you should ask. Perfect happiness for me would probably be going on an adventure with my Pokemon. Something about being around Pokemon, it makes me feel good. That, and to find love. That would be pretty nice too.

    Have you had any Pokemon partners so far? If no, would you like to get one?
    I do actually, two Pokemon. One is my very first Pokemon, whom I encountered shortly after he hatched from his egg. His name is Bolt, and he is a Pichu. He enjoys traveling with me, but he still has some trust issues, and he's not yet ready for battle.

    Alongside that I have Snivy, whom I actually have yet to nickname. First things first, I'd like to get to know Snivy a little better before I can properly name it.

    What is your favorite species of Pokemon?

    As I younger child, I was fascinated by all sorts of Pokemon Species. The Pikachu evolutionary line stood out a bunch. I can't really say, to tell you the truth. I like all Pokemon, and I know that they all have their particular uses and quirks about them that makes them equally likable.

    Don't you hate the fact that there's no police to tackle such obnoxious people? (xD I know I do)

    Unova really hasn't had a need for a Police force, because normally there are no crimes going on. Any and all Officer Jenny's in Unova were transferred to Kanto/Johto during the Uprising of Team Rocket, and then to Sinnoh after Team Galactic showed up.

    Perhaps that would explain the sudden increase of Team Plasma followers. I dunno, they all are defeated the same. Any and all police officers nearby are saved for security purposes, not so much petty crimes.

    It irks me to no end, but I'm not in Government. I have no control on the situation.

    Have you ever fallen in love? A crush, perhaps?

    Heh. It's funny you should mention it. It seems as though recently Katherine has been really trying to grab my attention. Of course, I've always liked her since I first laid eyes on her. With all this attention seeking, perhaps she's trying to tell me something? Something about those eyes... and if you tell her I said any of that, I'll clobber you!

    What of your education? Have you gone to a trainer's school?

    Yes, Katherine and I just graduated yesterday. Our Teacher was relieved, believe me. We were so ecstatic to finally be gone from that place and it's rental Pokemon. Katherine wanted to use Candy *her Lillipup* but the school board wouldn't allow it. Funny how a school tries to teach you the importance of bonding with your Pokemon, but won't let you bring your own.

    Do you have any memory of your dad you'd feel comfortable sharing with us?

    *Pauses, furrowing his lips* My last memory of being with him was six years ago, when he first moved to Kanto. It was the day we walked across the Skyarrow bridge. He had business to do in Straiton. We stopped by Castelia city for a couple of Casteliacones and a couple of sandwichs. We walked across the bridge, enjoying the view of the ocean about mid-way.

    He kept looking at me, as if something was bothering him. When I tried to ask what was the matter, he shook his head, glancing back at the ocean. That was when the Ducklett swooped down and attacked my sandwich. When we returned to Mistralton, he tucked me in that night, and then the next morning, he was gone. Mother said he told her that he was going with Silph Co. to Saffron City over in Kanto.

    Apparently there was this huge project they were working on, and he was an essential member of the process. Something along those lines. I dunno, I'm done talking about it, next question.

    Do you have any sort of criminal record in the past?

    That's a rude question. But I will answer it nonetheless, I'm sure you didn't mean it to be so. No, my parents raised me to be a proper, chivalrous gentleman. In fact, I despise criminals. I understand that some people do it out of desperation, but resorting to things like this only changes you as a person, not the situation you're in.

    Look at me, spent the last six years in Poverty, working alongside my Mother, just trying to put food on the table, get me a good education, and feed Buster and Jaspurr *Mom's Herdier and Purrloin*. I haven't even considered robbing a Poke-Mart, or the nearby Farmer's market.

    Are you honest with other people, or have you been lying to us all along? You sound and look older than 18, if you don't mind me saying.

    Any way I answer that might sound as a lie. But you're going to have to trust that I am being completely honest with you. I only lie to protect others and the ones I care about. Even then, I don't resort to it unless it's a complete necessity.

    I come from a family of strong-men. My voice and my body structure is all genetic.

    Who, what or with who would you die for (otherwise go to the extremes)?

    I'm assuming you are asking who I would take a bullet for? My answer is simple, and I've said it about thirty times in this interview. I would die for my family's safety, for the safety of my Pokemon, and I would die for Katherine too, if the need ever showed.

    Heck, I'd even die just to take down Team Plasma, and finally rid the Unova region of their scum.

    Note: I'd be willing to help if you need it for other people too.
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