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    Originally Posted by Superalexiy View Post
    I have a idea that I thought of while I was watching a play through of a pokemon game you should be able to register items like registering key items say you have a pokemon that's poisoned and you want a quick way to heal them with just one click of a button you can use a full heal also what do you think abou mega evo's will you include the button to do it if you do decide to make mega evo's a part of the game?
    -I actually had this idea also awhile back. Like when your Pokémon is poisoned in battle, it pops up a bar with the picture of an item from your bag that fixes the status problem. Lets pin this idea to use after I finish the battle mechanics.
    -Mega-evolution. Even though I really dislike the idea of this, I would be willing to put in the released megas. The only catch is that someone would have to create the 2D sprites of these Pokémon first.

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