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    Originally Posted by chuckleslucifer View Post
    Pokemon White mainly because Bagon can be caught in the white forest

    Rufflet can be caught so can reuniclus since I like them
    This is not a good selling point for White version, unlike what people believe. To be able to catch Bagon (or any White Forest exclusive Pokémon) in White, you need to be lucky to have the correct NPC for Bagon or know a person who has so you can mix records with them. To have a higher chance of finding Bagon, you also need to reach White Forest in a certain amount of time, so that the NPCs don't disappear.

    My rating of the exclusives (left is Black and right is White):

    Beedrill < Butterfree
    Breloom > Parasect
    Honchkrow = Mismagius
    Houndoom > Mightyena
    Plusle = Minun
    Gothitelle < Reuniclus
    Mandibuzz = Braviary
    Tornadus < Thundurus
    Reshiram > Zekrom

    Basically it's a tie, but IMO the stuff that Black has is overall better. Reuniclus isn't much better than Gothitelle, but Breloom is infinitely better than Parasect.

    And of course there are the White Forest Pokémon, which only exist in White, but you can get quite a few of those in B2W2 anyway.

    Don't buy into the White Forest hype, it's not all that much of a thing over Black version. If you're unlucky, you'll get stuff like Pidgey which is not so hot. Same thing with Black City, if you're unlucky you get all the treasure items or stuff like Poké Balls which are pointless to buy. Of course, if you have an AR it's irrelevant which version you buy since there's a code for switching between Black City and White Forest, as well as codes for adding all the residents.

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