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    I am super duperly sorry in advance if this sounds mean or anything like that.

    Okay looking at the starters...

    The designs are a little too plain, they need a little more oomph, but they are original. Your colour choice is good, but the red on the fire starter is really bothering me for some reason. The rest of this crit for the starters will be in this picture below so I can easily explain it. Apologies for any spelling mistakes in the picture, I just made it in Paint, which, unfortunately, doesn't have spell check.


    Okay maybe making the words that big and my choice of font were not the best idea.

    You don't have a problem with this (Outline dithering) on your other sprites, because you never finished the outline shading. It's best to showcase your sprites when they are 100% finished, or at least write "WIP" underneath so people won't mistaken it for a finished sprite.

    Looking at your other Pokemon, the shading is good, the colours are also good! You Pinochio one looks more like a Plague Mask that doctors used to wear than a lying puppet, so maybe you can make it a Dark Type, by the looks of it? Your lines are still a bit shaky, but they have gotten better.

    You're last update is a big improvement, and you really have some potential Just keep practicing, don't stop what you're doing, and you will get better! Everyone starts somewhere! You're Pokemon are very original and I'm excited to see more! C:My favorite would have to be a Pinocchio, it's a cool design and look like it's the most well-made.

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