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Snype found himself passing the dojo. He was on his way to Ozzy's friendzone to relax after all of his traveling but he wanted to at least check out around town. It was late after all and Snype was a nocturnal Pokemon! A Lucario and Breloom seemed to be leaving the building, possibly training for all he knew. Snype wouldn't mind brushing up on his own skills but he'd need a partner. He was a bit of a distance away, enough to see a Mawile quickly hiding behind a nearby rock. Hmm... Sableye and Mawile tended to be close neighbors... He'd probobly give himself away trying to spook her and besides, Sneaking behind a Mawile was a horrible idea. Still, he could at least chat with her.

He quickly hopped on top of the rock the Mawile was hiding behind and looked down at her with a large grin. "Kehe, whatcha hidin for?" He said with a chuckle.

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