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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
I hope that Sylveon is also an attacker and not just another special defender like Umbreon...however I guess after six eeveelutions they have to do another for a certain stat (one of the sinnoh's shares their highest stat with another forgot who, hence why I said six rather than seven plus I'm not counting Sylveon either hence why I didn't say eight).
I think that Sinnoh Eeveelution you were talking about is Glaceon, who shares Espeon's highest stat which is Special Attack. But yeah I'm hoping Sylveon can primarily be an attacker with high Special Defense as shown in the recent videos, more likely special-based since it was using Moonblast and Fairy Wind which are presumably special-based as well. But as far as attacking stats go, I bet it would have higher Special Attack.
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