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    Hey. I need some advice guys.
    I'm very excited for X and Y to come out in almost two months, but god, I'm not patient!
    I'm thinking about buying the SoulSilver game, so i can entertain myself while waiting. I'm a original fan from back in the days when the Pickachu Edition came out in 1999, but my favorite storyline and favorite monsters was the one from generation Gold/Silver. I would love to play it again, but you know, the quality is kind of **** compared to what we have evolved with today. So that is why I'm considering SoulSilver because it's a remake of everything that I love, which new beautiful layout.
    I did try the hacked game called "Shiny Gold" on my android phone with an emulator, it was fun, but god those bugs is a pain. I also tried "Light Platinum" and it was really good, but I tell you.. those bugs.. ugh, I need a real game. Generation 3 is not my cup of tea.. I never played Generation 4 and I finished Generation 5 (Black 2) not too long ago.. or at least how much i could of it. But I don't have the passion for the 5th Gen. it's a bad storyline and bad monsters.
    I tried playing SoulSilver on my computer with a emulator, since there's no proper emulator for phones, but damn it lags a tiny bit when i walk on my computer. I don't feel comfy playing from a computer. I need the freedom to move around with the game in my hands..

    Is it worth paying for SoulSilver this late?