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    Wow.. This makes me angry and mad at the person or persons writing that to the mother. That is so wrong and not right for someone to say that. I will admit and not ashamed I have some learning issues with math and some reading too. DOES not make me dumb maybe not as fast as some others but just as good still. Taking time to get something is NOT bad. Growing up people looked at me differently. So I got down about that a lot. I have a lot of art talents though to make up for math issues I had or still today. The letter was soooo uncalled for. Shows how they really are as a person. I had people in high school who had autism and worked with kids in Boys and Girls Club too. There just as import like everyone else in the world. We all bleed the same they should not be treated differently. No one is prefect.. or normal. A saying I know normal? Whats normal? A button on the washing machine. ( or something like it)

    And I apologize if my input to this did not make sense much.
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