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    Originally Posted by KoolKat vs. Lucas View Post
    OK, here's my views:

    1. X/Y and R/S Remakes are in Generation 6. I'm getting either X or Y and the Sapphire Remake, so I'm saving money.
    2. My first game was Crystal. My favorite Game (and the most fun) was HeartGold, and SoulSilver is almost identical, but it has Meowth (so basically my friend has SoulSilver, and I can get Persians :D )
    3. Personally, I would definitely get SS or HG, it's great.
    there's a Sapphire remake??
    Well, I don't think any of us know what will be in generation 6 We have no idea what the storyline is, and what Pokemon from before is going to be in it.
    So you think despite the two months left, I should still get SoulSilver? I know I can transfer old pokemon into X/Y game, but it doesn't feel the same as actually catching them. And the environment and adventure doesn't always feel the same in newer games despite better graphics, you know?