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    I think it's kinda cheap for men to say that a woman should be able to accept all the consequences for sex. Honestly, it isn't the man who ends up stuck with the baby. If the government said that the father is legally required to help the mother financially, that would be one thing, but notice how nobody is racing to make that law. For some reason, men think that women should handle the burden of children completely alone. That's what's really frustrating about the abortion debate. A bunch of men making decisions for women without even attempting to see a woman's side.

    Not to mention the damage to a woman's body from pregnancy and child birth. Pregnancy is the number one killer of women in the world. Right after it is child birth. Abortion is a safe alternative to putting people who aren't ready for pregnancy through a massive ordeal that may claim their life. Nobody on the pro-life side thinks about that. Not to mention, all of the babies that will be flooding into the foster care system. Our foster care is already bursting at the seams. It'll only get worse. Who is going to take care of these children? Who is going to feed them? Give them an education? Most importantly: raise them to be functioning members of society? No one.
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