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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
If it's going to continue to be affiliated with the site in the semi-official way it is now, then yes, it will have to.
PS! doesn't collect data about age, unlike the forums. there is literally no way that we are able to conclusively confirm or deny whether or not someone is of age from the server. this has been argued about a very long time ago on smogon, where it was implemented for a long time but ultimately reduced to a warning in the rules. it is unfeasible to actually implement coppa on the server. people have stated things like "i'm 12 and what is this" in a joking manner and have gotten banned, despite very clearly not actually being under the coppa limit. it is mentioned in the rules that people under the age of 13 should not be on the site. that is enough; we cannot justify any kind of ban legitimately, because there's no way we can tell if someone is younger than 13.

i refuse to ban people for saying "i'm 12 and what is this", or similar joking statements. i also refuse to ban people through implication that they are young (whether this implication is from the forums or not); there is no proof given on the PS! site, so i have no reason to ban them on said site.

you are not realizing the fact that we cannot determine whether or not someone is of age on PS!. there is no birthdate requirement, there is no other information taken; any bans would have zero logical basis and we should not ban willy-nilly because someone cracked a joke. it will be strongly suggested in the rules that people who are not yet 13 or older should not join. that is the best that can be reasonably done.