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-a wild Paul appeared!
-Ash with the typical type disadvantage
-Turtwig, y u no dodge Chimchar's attacks?
-lol Carnivine
-why did TR even appear?
-more LOL Wobbuffet
-Paul is a ninja
-I agree, Ash is pathetic
-Ash has no recollection of the time he encountered Stantler in Johto...
-Flying through the clouds? Perfectly normal!
-Beedrill chasing Ash? It's like that Honey Island episode all over again
-Paul kept the Ursaring. Good choice
-'Danger, Sweet as Honey' that was the name of the Honey Island episode!
- lol Ash I'm surprised that you thought you would beat Paul

The only issue I had with this episode is that it needed more Wobbuffet. Besides that, it was an episode of the usual quality. The gang's relaxing, random recurring character appears, TR appears, misadventure happens, the end. I liked the little fight during the beginning

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