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    Okay, seriously, did you even read all of my post?

    I'll try once more, in that case, to elaborate.

    Regardless of figures, statistics, or estimations, every case is different. As such, each case should be approached with a fresh mind, and perspective. Just because Johnny raped Susie, doesn't mean that Tom definitely raped Ann.
    I have not called you, nor Scarf, a lier. My point in asking what you were getting your assumptions from was not to infer as such, but rather that you would hopefully read what you link. Such numbers are merely estimations, which are unstable grounds to base a statement on.
    The case of the matter is that both rape and false reports of it are real problems. Increasingly so if you add in the fact that lives are ruined at the mere mention of an accusation. This stigma effects both the accuser, and the defendant. Doubtlessly believing either one, whether it be the accuser or the defendant, will only end in making matters worse.

    As there seems to be a disconnection somewhere between what I'm saying, or trying to, and what you're reading, or not, I will try to be more clear. I kindly ask that rather then meaning to cruxify my perspective as 'An Outrageous Attitude', you endeavor to be more civil in your disagreeing.

    In this particular case, I have damned neither the alleged victim, nor the accused. All I said was that basing a legal system on religious beliefs is hogwash. I personally do not believe that I have enough facts to judge intelligently.

    As a post note, I feel the need to clear up a possibly vague matter:
    Have no doubt that if I were to encounter or find anybody being raped that I would not beat the **** out of the assailant. Despite my suspicion of any and everybody, I do indeed have morals.
    However, as you most probably know, I have neglected the sympathetic, and protective urges that I initially felt, and opted for a colder veiw. I actually believe in 'Innocence until proven else', and as such I feel it my duty to consider all possibilities.
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