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-What do you see yourself doing in the future?
I always dreamed to be a computer programmer.
-Are you currently in a relationship?
None for the moment.
-Do you even know if an antidote exists for your rapid aging?
Yes, there's one and I'll find it at all means.
-Are you famous or do you try to keep on the "down-low"?
I prefer to stay quiet than be a famous dude.
-Do you ever wonder if you're the only one?
I used to but now I don't care.
-Did anyone shun you because of your "powers"?
No, if they did so, they wouldn't be living.
-Were you allowed to play sports either in school or in the community and if yes, did you?
No, I thought it was unfair and it attracted too much attention.
-Do you ever wish that the scientists would have picked some other unfortunate soul?
No. I kinda like my powers.
-Do you have any friends?
I have only 2.
-Do you keep your powers a secret or are you public with them?
They are kept secret except for my 2 friends.
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