Thread: [Essentials Tutorial] How to add more features to the Pokégear
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thank you very much =) the day cary stuff works fine , but ice tried toput the voltorb flip in this event ,but i got this error ,when i end the voltorb flip scene

Pokemon 1
Exception: NoMethodError

Message: undefined method `new' for nil:NilClass

PokemonPokegear:178:in `update_command'

PokemonPokegear:177:in `pbFadeOutIn'

PokemonPokegear:177:in `update_command'

PokemonPokegear:135:in `update'

PokemonPokegear:116:in `main'

PokemonPokegear:113:in `loop'

PokemonPokegear:120:in `main'

PokemonUtilities:991:in `pbLoadRpgxpScene'

PokemonPauseMenu:147:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'

PokemonPauseMenu:142:in `loop'

This exception was logged in

C:\Users\Salem\Saved Games/Pokemon 1/errorlog.txt.

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