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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    So, I downloaded this version and I used it to try and expand the hero sprite, but for some reason the option to uncheck the box under the secondary tab is not available, so I skipped that step and moved on to expanding the canvas and changing every offset of each frame, but when I made my sprite, it still ended up bleeding into the next frame. After I tried editing a normal trainer sprite and followed the tut exactly, even unchecking the box, and the same thing still happened. Is there possibly a different process I could use to do this?
    Heres the tut.
    Also, KarateKid, I saw your tut about this, and looked at the part for extending, but other than editing the size in the hex editor, the process seems to be the same. Although I haven't tried it yet, ill still give it a shot.