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Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
So, I downloaded this version and I used it to try and expand the hero sprite, but for some reason the option to uncheck the box under the secondary tab is not available, so I skipped that step and moved on to expanding the canvas and changing every offset of each frame, but when I made my sprite, it still ended up bleeding into the next frame. After I tried editing a normal trainer sprite and followed the tut exactly, even unchecking the box, and the same thing still happened. Is there possibly a different process I could use to do this?
Heres the tut.
Also, KarateKid, I saw your tut about this, and looked at the part for extending, but other than editing the size in the hex editor, the process seems to be the same. Although I haven't tried it yet, ill still give it a shot.
The process in darth's tut is the same, only it deals with the raw hex instead. Now, if you don't repoint frames, it will bleed. That is because these are uncompressed frames. Just force the program to repoint all frames to free space so that they are all black (or transparent color) when the program loads them next time.

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