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    I think the reason that they have to shut down the Gen V DW server,
    that is because of expensive maintenace;
    Computers and servers are mostly kept in cold areas,
    to keep it from overheating etc...
    These servers have to be powered for twenty four hours,
    because DW is for the whole worldwide and different places have different timezones.
    So that certainly is a huge budget.
    Don't forget that they also have to maintain servers for GTS for Gen IV and V.

    So if Gen VI's DW and GTS are online together with the aforementioned servers,
    it will cause GF a lot of money. Therefore they have to close the DW for Gen V.

    I understand it, though I think it's still quite unfair for non-Japanese versions BW2 players,
    since our access for BW2 DW were (at least) three months later than those who play the original Japanese versions.
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