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    Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
    JNathan here. My first time stepping here actually. I've been wanting to post stories but something bugs me : I can't make chapters. Yes, I don't know when and where to end a chapter.
    Neither do I. A while back, I was working on the final chapter of a fanfic and I just didn't know when to stop. Finally, I just decided to end on a good line that would lead into the sequel while also closing out the first book.

    Like Bay said, you can think about where your next chapter might begin to get an idea where your current chapter might end. For instance, my current work right now is one chapter equaling one day in the story. It keeps things kind of tidy, where the chapter starts with the characters' school day/set-up for the next plot point and ends when things are solved or it's nighttime.

    Cliffhangers are a good way to end your chapters. They make the reader want to keep reading, to see what will happen next.

    Or just write your story, read over it, and arbitrarily decide where to begin and end chapters!
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