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How often are you on the road for the pokemon league?
Almost 24/7. Mostly on the weekends I relax, but during the week I'm either training or studying techniques.
Do people often underestimate you for your young age?
Mostly Gym Leaders...... and the Pokemon League.
What's your main party of six pokemon?

Blaze (Quilava)
Flash (Luxray)
Draco (Dragonite)
Thundura (from the Swinnu Region)
Raikou (The one I got got from the lightning that hit my house)
Charizard, Swampert, Torterra, or Samurott (Depending on where I am)

What form of transportation will you be using for your trip to Kalos?
Either the S.S. Suicune or by Pokemon League Private Jet.
Do you plan to become champion of Kalos?
Probably. Depends on whether a Fennekin can help me defeat the league there.
Do you want to catch all pokemon, or just the ones you want to battle with?
Mostly a balance. I'm close to catching the entire Johto Dex, and the Kanto Dex isn't far behind. My Hoenn and Sinnoh Dexes are almost empty. However,
my Swinnu Dex is complete. My National Dex is somewhat mediocre. I typically catch everything new I see.
When did you start your first journey?
Age of 12, from New Bark Town. Around 2012.
Do you expect anything from your trip to Kalos?
Mostly new adventures, and maybe a few challenges.
Are you excited about the new pokemon available?
Yes. I'm looking forward to the new starters available. I saw them in the
StarterX Magazine advertisements.
Will you be taking any of your previous pokemon with you, or starting fresh?
I'm keeping Blaze and Flash, and probably Draco. My others will temporarily retire to the PC until I get back to Goldenrod.
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