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Favorite Sonic Character(s): Gonna be different here and say Fleetway Super Sonic, and Shard the Metal Sonic. *major comic fan*

"Thoughts on Eggman? Did you like him more as good ol' Robotnik; the funny villain who can't carry out plans very well with his dumb helpers? Or did you like him more as the "redesigned" Dr. Eggman we know today; the eviler & more serious version with crazier, brutal plans?"

Eggman has become a joke in all senses of the word in the gaming world. Like, he's ALWAYS betrayed by his own creatons, and even when he does accomplish SOMETHING (Like, taking control of Tails in Colours) it's short-lived. Sure, that's kinda the point, but it seems he's always the butt of all the jokes -- and even Sonic lampshades it in Generations! ("Really, we beat him every time")

However, I absolutely love how he's portrayed in the Archie comics (And in the fleetway comics, but that's rather obscure). He actually IS insane, brutal, and dark. And not just trying (and failing) to be. The fight with Eggman is an ongoing battle there (like a war), and not just Eggman's Robot/Evil Deity of the Day.

Eggman in the games:

Orbot: So, what are we going to do today Doctor?

Eggman: Same thing we do every day Orbot... TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

*phew* and there's my rant for the afternoon.

"Anybody go to Sonic Boom or watch a Livestream of the event? If you can't attend events, would you like to?"
No, I couldn't go this year .... But I'm already making plans to go to Summer of Sonic next year!

Just gonna throw this one in here because Sonic X was brought up earlier.

Dark Super Sonic. 'Nough said.