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    Hi guys, this is to be my first post, & it's about Drake of the Elite Four... It's just thoughts to share out with you, so hopefully it'd not do any inconvenience.

    Drake says "I dedicate myself to the Pokémon that saved me" when introducing himself to the player before the battle. Drake's outfit resembles a ship's captain, & the cuts on his coat reflect he had a tough time sometime... So could it be that he & his S.S Cactus suffered a very bad weather conditions, like heavy rains & high tide & waves, that deeply damaged the ship, & 'that Pokémon' saved Drake when he & the ship have no hope to be rescued, & so then the high waves kept on pushing & pulling the ship until it was captured by Route 108s rocks...?

    I didn't watch the Anime contents about Drake, but so far I just read about it in Bulbapedia, yet this has nothing with the Anime, but it's only about the video game.

    Waiting for your shares & thoughts guys, & thanks for it much.
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