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I'll give it a shot. I've been writing for this character for over ten years, so I'm certain there aren't too many character loose ends in what can be expected from a general audiences, anything goes comic. Having said that, I'm really aiming to flesh her out in these final stories, so I'm willing to challenge myself with this to see if there's anything I can glean from it.

What is your full name?
Nidorina Schnider. Given that I was born into a large family of Nidoran, I was christened with the family nickname of "Nini". Elsewhere, a Bellsprout started calling me "Nido-san" as a joke, and it stuck for a short while, but fizzled out considering I don't even like the nickname.

When and where were you born?
Plebeian State Park, MT. I can never remember what year I was born. I feel like I've been the same age for years...

Who are/were your parents?
I just call 'em mom and dad. Everyone else calls 'em Mr. and Mrs. Schnider. Also, they're both Nidoran if you couldn't guess...though with Pokemon breeding being as complicated as it is, I guess not. And you might've thought they were like a Nidoking or and Nidoqueen or something. Huh, I guess it really isn't that clear cut.

Do you have any family other than your parents?
Seven siblings, and my Pop Pop (grandfather) is almost always around. Mamaw (grandmother) isn't as close by, but she's still going strong! I've probably got a whole lotta other cousins and uncles and great-this and that three times removed. We breed like, uh, rabbits. :P I also consider myself to have two families, as I'm the godsister (whether they like it or not) of lotsa other creatures. Because of how I was raised, I'm huge on family and closeness.

Any story from the past you'd like to share with us?
My Pop Pop taught me how to trap black bears in the woods. Well, that's not really a story, but I have plenty of childhood memories. Almost all of them good, many of them ending with a butt-whoopin', but not too different than what I'm sure many people have. I guess that could be seen as boring coming from a Pokemon.

Where do you live in, and with whom? Describe the person/people.
Currently, I live in an apartment by myself in Downtown Dream Land, Dream Land being a country on the planet Pop Star. Uh, how I got there is a short but ridiculous story, much like everything else that seems to happen to me. The people are made up of... creatures from video game universes that you're probably familiar with. Pop Starians would be the main population (Kirby's species, Waddle Dees, pyrotechnic clowns, giant hamsters, you know how it is), but we seem to have a lot of Bomber people as well. Humans are more rare, but I've seen a few. If you can name the game, I'm sure I've seen one creature from it around.

What do you do for a living?
I own my own salon. I had to learn to cut my own hair after those two idiots in Johto nearly killed me (how does a botched haircut increase one's happiness?). Turns out I have a real knack for hair! I can even stylize the "hair" of the undead! How's that for skill?

Do you have any special abilities?
Eh, I know some moves like Blizzard for some reason. Pokemon-magic or whatever, don't ask how it works.

Tell us more of your appearance. Height, weight, race, hair and eye color, style of dress, any tattoos, scars, or distinguishing marks, these kind of things.
Standing on my hindlegs, I'm at least 3 feet tall. Weight, about the same as an average Nidorina (I'm slimmer but larger in scale, so I guess it balances). Race, uh... United States North American? I mean, that's about as in depth as I can get beyond "Nidoran". Quill color is like a sky blue, eye color is reddish. When I do dress up, I tend to get a lot of inspiration from fashion bloggers, so I guess indie-trendy? Did I just make that up? No tats or scars, odd considering how rough I was as a kid.

Distinguishing marks, let's see... As a Nidorina, I do have spots. Funny enough, they're pretty uniform. Three on each thigh, and they start as large at the top of my thigh, then get smaller as they go down my leg. You know, what's weird is that the pattern is symmetrical on both sides, it's as if some sort of powers that be wanted me to be easy to paint if someone ever painted a portrait of me or something.

To which social class do you belong?
Middle. Or about as middle as it'll get for Pokemon. Some of us choose to live like all you humans do, we just keep our societies hidden. ;P

Do you have any allergies, diseases or physical weaknesses?
No, but I'm prone to inflammation in all the worst, unreachable spots if I ate something that wasn't too kosher.
What does your voice sound like?
A woman in her early-mid 20s. Humans can only hear Poke speak, but I still sound like some girl you probably knew or will know. It's fun to see how many minds I can blow with that. In Dream Land, everyone can understand anybody. You'd think it was wizardry or literary hand waving, but they really just have foreigners go through a "process" that requires you signing a wavier, and a lot of stabbing pain. You still wanna breathe, right?

What do you have in your pockets?
Hammerspace, apparently, and that's when I even have pockets for some reason.

Do you admit to having any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
Annoying habits? Hehehe, I am an annoying habit. I know people always tell me "you play too much", but I love to mess around and roughhouse with those close to me. I never take it too far, and I always balance it out by being really sweet, but sometimes I just like to, lovingly, mess with people. You probably shouldn't go to sleep while I'm still awake! Your hand may end up in a bowel of warm water, but I'll leave you with a freshly baked cookie, too.

Overall, I admit I'm offbeat and I wouldn't want to be any other way, but when the time to be respectful and professional comes, I know how to shape up.

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