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    Do not be mistaken, Silais. Being cautious and blaming the victim are two very different things.

    People blame the victim because they can't understand the reason they were raped, they revoke the reason, or they are afraid. Rape is about domination, control, and to a point in some cases, bodily desires. The latter most being least common. The type of people who blame rape victims think that rape is all about sex, and because of that, they see the perpetrator as a sex-crazed rapist, and the victim as the ***** who inevitably had it coming. No pun intended.
    Another cause of Victim Blaming can be found in fear. People need to find a way to blame the victim, so they can reassure themselves that they're safe.

    Blaming the victim sounds like:
    "She always hangs out at that bar, it was only a matter of time"

    Being cautious is when you don't blindly trust the accuser. As terrible as it may well sound, emotions cannot play into this kind of situation, or at least not in a legal case.
    People lie. That's the cold truth. Some people lie more then others, and about things that shouldn't be lied about. Because of that, you can't just take people at they're word when lives are at stake.
    That's why it matters so much to find out who is lying, and who is honest.

    In other words, "Trust; but verify."
    You never know who is unscrupulous, and who is honest.

    By the way, your "God will save the innocent" attitude comes across as very naive. I would suggest not saying "So what?" about people being wrongfully prosecuted.
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