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@Ray Maverick, This is properly formatted in my word document, but translates over like this. My final will be a word document that can be printed if you so wish.

I'd write until I returned home after defeating the Elite Four. In this story, names don't have to be important (I wrote a compelling story once that used no names and was written in this style; it was published in my local paper as a work of art :DD). I've always believed that, if writing a first person story, the reader should decide how you, the main character, feel. This is a concept I picked up from the Metroid Franchise, which defined what Samus does and that She's awesome, but never ventured into her personality as a character. To this end, the player was able to imprint their own feelings onto Samus as her personality. I believe that you should be able to accomplish this in writing as well.

To answer your other questions, (where do you live in Hoenn?) = second sentence, Littleroot town. (Why is Steven there?) = To... give me a pokemon.
Thanks for the help, I'll use it to help refine my style :D
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Schrau wrote:
Bear in mind that most Metroid games (especially the Primes) are survival horror.

At least from the perspective of the Space Pirates.
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