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    I'm new here so please dont brutalize me if I do something wrong ._.

    Okay, I'm ROM hacking for the first time, Pokemon FireRed. I cant post my links to the pics of the problem because apparently I cant post links until I've posted 15 times :l So I will try to make the problem as clear as possible using words.

    Basically, in the intro with OAK, I am replacing the sprites for both the male trainer and the rival.

    I get the into the game fine, all is good, they look nice and pretty and all looks right.

    That is, BEFORE I name them.

    My male trainers problem is a small one, he looks fine, but again, once I name him (custom name, he stays looking fine if I choose a preset name, not giving the screen the opportunity to do the black transition) his colors change. His shirt is fine, his pants, hair, headband, all fine. MOST of his skin is fine as well, but the dark shading on the skin changes to a...dark green color. Again, this is ONLY if I go to the "name your character" screen. I just ignored this and changed the text so oak says "you seem sick" to just play off the glitch.

    The rivals is MUCH worse. Exact same as above, but...all of the skin changes to blood red. All of it, not just the dark shading. Only does it if I go to the naming screen, but this ones a little...hard to play off. "Oh your rival seems to be bleeding profusely from EVERYWHERE"

    Yeah no...

    If anyone has an answer as to how to fix this odd coloring problem it would be greatly appreciated... I'll try and go post 15 times so I can put up images of this weird issue..
    *Wakes up*

    "Pokemon aren't real yet? Pfft"

    *Goes back to sleep*